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Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at Bar-Ilan University. (Postdocs: see similar page suitable for your needs).


Bar-Ilan University is located in the north-eastern corner of the city of Ramat Gan, few kilometers from the metropolitan center of Tel Aviv. The mailing address is Max and Anna Webb street, 5290002, Israel

  • The public transportation in Israel requires the ownership of a Rav-Kav card. Make sure to get one at the airport upon your arrival.
  • The local currency is (New Israeli) Shekel, abbreviated NIS
  • Israel's international phone code is 972. Example: to make an international call to 08-1234567, dial +972-8-1234567 (note the omission of 0)


  • To enter the campus, you will need to present your passport
  • The main entrance to the campus is split into two: Gate #1 for cars, and Gate #2 for pedestrians
  • On Sabbath (which starts late Friday), Gate #2 may be closed, in which case pedestrians enter through Gate #1
  • The dorms are at building #506
  • The dorms management are at building #108. Their phone number is 03-7364865/6/7
  • The campus has an open WiFi network. Signal Messenger allows to text-chat and make audio/video calls, all over WiFi. It is advised to set it up before departing to Israel


  • Note that the dorms have a laundry room, and that you can pay in it with cash (the instructions there seem to insist that you download some app to pay with your phone, but in fact you only need to have 11-13 NIS exact change (maybe times two, for the washer and the dryer)).


  • The moovit app provides useful realtime assistance in preparing your trip via public transportation.
  • From Jerusalem to BIU: lines 400, 401 (around 10NIS).
  • From Be'er Sheva to BIU: line 669.
  • From Ramat Gan (Ayalon mall) to BIU: line 264 (around 6NIS).
  • From Tel-Aviv's central rail station to BIU: lines 68, 70 (around 6NIS).
  • From Tel-Aviv to BIU: lines 56, 256. (around 6NIS).
  • From Tel-Aviv to eastern Ramat-Gan (a walk away from BIU): line 61 (around 6NIS).
  • From Herzliya to BIU: lines 620, 621 (around 10NIS).

Other means of transportation

  • To book a taxi back to TLV airport, one can use this service (it is better to talk to them over phone)